12 August 2012

Chapter 30

I don't know how long Miguel and I had been staring into each other's eyes. It seemed an eternity but could only have been a few minutes at most. Like a lesson out of the tantric sex manual, we were lost in the moment with no sense of time or our environment. I felt every breath, every spasm, every movement of his body and knew without doubt that he felt every nuance of my hands as they massaged his dick and torso. Even the proximity of Jacob, pressing in from behind, still pinning Miguel's arms back, had been wiped from our minds. There was Miguel and there was me. There was no one and nothing else.

I rose off my haunches, straightening my back, my neck stretching upwards to let my lips touch his, softly like a breeze, merely touching for a moment. As our chests touched, I caught my breath and for the first time, I closed my eyes, lost in the sensation of his lips reaching out to join mine.

We had barely begun to explore that sensation when Jacob jerked Miguel forward, body slamming me. I fell over backwards, shaken from my reverie. Looking up with surprise, I saw the disdain on Jacob's face and the surprise on Miguel's. The sudden movement also surprised our audience, who collectively gasped as though seeing a sudden face at the window. Had they forgotten about Jacob too? They murmured amongst themselves.

"You getting turned on by him now?" Jacob whispered, nibbling at Miguel's earlobe. He pushed Miguel down on top of me and changed his grip, releasing one of Miguel's arms while twisting the other further up his back.  Miguel pressed into me, gritting his teeth.

Having ruined our precious, beautiful moment, Jacob used his free hand to push Miguel's face into mine.

"You want to kiss him?" Jacob snapped. "Then show me how you do it. Kiss him!"

Miguel turned his face away from me but Jacob forced his face back onto mine.

"Kiss him!" Jacob ordered and it was Miguel's turn to whisper an apology to me.

I squeezed my eyes shut, feeling Miguel's lips pressing down, forcing mine apart.  His tongue reached into my mouth and my eyes shot open at the depth at which he plunged. It was true what they said about tongue and dick size!

I didn't know what to do with my arms so I took hold of Miguel's head, hoping to guide him so he didn't choke me with his tongue. Jacob released Miguel's head, making way for my hands.

There was a sword fight playing out in our mouths now; our tongues swirling around each other in a divine dance as our lips opened and closed in a kiss that rose in passion with each passing moment.

Our cocks joined in the game below, stimulating us even more as their veiny shafts bounced and rubbed against each other with a life of their own. I was grunting and moaning between mouthfuls, my hips thrusting up against his weight to greet the commotion our bodies were causing below.

Somewhere in the distance, I heard Jacob order a rubber and I was vaguely aware of someone standing beside the mat for a brief moment.  Jacob released Miguel all together and Miguel's arms immediately wrapped around my head.  With the freedom to move, we squirmed against each other, and our passion ignited further. Our hunger devoured us as we devoured each other.

Then suddenly it was over. Jacob pulled Miguel off me, hauling him into a full nelson.

"Enough!" Jacob ordered me, unimpressed by our lasciviousness despite the approval of our onlookers. Despite how he felt personally though, the show must go on. The punters were lapping it up. "I want to hear you choking on his dick!" Jacob spat at me.

The viciousness of his order took me surprise but I was panting heavily and hungry for Miguel now. All decorum and sensibility had left me, lost to the unexpected lust usually reserved for a stranger in the night. I knew there would be guilt in the morning, but I couldn't stop the runaway train I was on either.

I slid my feet out from where Miguel straddled me and spun myself around on my back. I reached between his legs to grab his ankles, sliding my head up between his legs. Before I could remove my arms though, Jacob forced Miguel back down onto me, trapping my arms against my ears. Miguel's face was forced in my crotch and his warm, fast breath made my cock dance all the more frantically.

Miguel's member slapped against my cheek. I took the tip in my mouth and let it slide in slowly, knowing I could never take the full length.

"Oh!" He caught his breath then followed my lead. I arced almost immediately at the touch of his thick, soft lips swallowing me whole. His mid-section rose and I strained upwards to feed myself his throbbing manhood. I flicked my tongue along the veiny shaft and after stiffening and relaxing, he did the same to me.

I circled the tip of my tongue around the edge of his skin, noting the precise spot I touched that made him jump. But instead of copying me this time, Miguel froze, mouth opened, and he released my cock. I heard him stifle a cry and felt Jacob shift his position against my trapped arms. Jacob was forcing himself into Miguel's arse.

Miguel whimpered and trembled. I could feel Jacob moving now, pumping forwards and backwards. Miguel's face fell into my thigh and I could feel his fast, sharp breath and he struggled to fight the fear and the pain.

I attempted to distract him by gently blowing on his pubes and kissing the tip of his cock, but it made no difference. The thought of what Jacob was doing angered me.  I reached up and blindly slapped at Jacob's arse, my fingers digging weakly into his buttocks. All I could do was bend at the elbows which seemed nothing until my fingers felt the valley running between his cheeks. I let my fingers do the walking, pulling his bum cheeks apart and feeling my way to his anus. I poked at the hole and Jacob yelped with surprise.

My hands were already greased from the oil. I plunged two fingers into his hole and felt him freeze. I dug them in deeper and Jacob gasped, his rape of Miguel temporarily forgotten.

Miguel couldn't see what was happening but he kissed my balls, as if in thanks for whatever I was doing.

I wriggled my fingers deep in Jacob's arsehole, searching out his prostate gland.  When I found it, he shuddered and let lose with a guttural cry of ecstasy. He began to pump at Miguel again, more gentle now, so as not to lose my fingers in him. I wriggled my digits until I struck gold a second time. Jacob let lose a joint laugh/gasp and began thrusting even softer and slower, moving his hips for his own internal pleasure now, Miguel almost forgotten.

With most of the pain erased, Miguel's soft, plush lips wrapped around my cock again and resumed their work. Quite unexpectedly, all three of us were now speeding towards euphoria…

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