29 July 2012

Chapter 29

"Neither!" Miguel insisted, refusing to accept Jacob's threat. "So help me I'll knock you into tomorrow!"

Jacob laughed. He jerked but Miguel held him firm to the mat. "Mmmm," he said, unperturbed by being pinned face down. He jerked roughly again and then folded himself over, sliding onto his side. The oil made it impossible for Miguel to keep his grip and Jacob slid away and turned to face him.

On their knees again, Jacob held out his hands for a power vice.

"Overpower me again," he teased. Miguel took the challenge, knowing he was the stronger of the two. They clasped hands and strained, Miguel forcing Jacob backwards. Jacob fell onto his back, Miguel sliding between his legs and over the top of him. Jacob immediately pushed their hands down to their sides and forced Miguel's wrists back. Miguel yelped and Jacob smiled, maintaining the pressure for a good twenty seconds before letting Miguel go.

Pushing him over, Jacob sat on Miguel's chest, pinning his arms with his knees and thrusting Miguel's face into his crotch. Miguel panicked and pushed up with his arms, easily sliding Jacob over the top of him. He rolled onto his stomach and scrabbled to get to his knees but Jacob came down on his back, spreading Miguel's legs apart and burying his face in Miguel's arse.

Miguel cried out and rolled them over, but that only allowed Jacob to wrap his legs around Miguel's head, trapping him again. As Miguel tried desperately to release his head from the leg lock, Jacob licked and sucked his arse from underneath, all the while reaching around to manhandle Miguel's cock. Miguel was making noises somewhere between a gasp and a whimper and I could tell by the erratic nature of his movements he was in full panic mode again.

My heart when out to him more than ever as Jacob sexually manhandled the stud. But despite all Jacob was doing, Miguel stayed flaccid, the trauma overpowering any uncontrollable response to being touched down there.

Frustrated at Miguel's lack of erection, Jacob threw him off and pulled him up to this knees, sliding in behind Miguel to pull both arms behind his back. Miguel arched back into Jacob's torso, his head falling onto Jacob's shoulder.

"Looks like I'm going to have to work a little harder if I want you hard," Jacob grunted.

"No, please!" Miguel begged, and the sight of such a behemoth crumbling like that was more than I could handle.  I leaped from my seat and raced over, leaning across the mat to place my hand on his heart.

"Miguel, breath!" I said. "Release the fear. Don't let him destroy you."

"I can't," Miguel sobbed.

"You can! Remember what Josh taught you. You have to face the fear. If there's no way out and no retreat, you have to release the fear and let it happen. Ride the pain and don't make it worse than it has to be. The more you fight, the worse it will be. You know you can't win this. Let it happen. I know its hard and it's awful but you have to let it happen. Otherwise it will be much worse."

Miguel took a deep, unsteady breath and nodded.

"You can do this," I reaffirmed. "You're not alone."

Jacob sighed.  "Are we finished with the Zen moment?"

Confused murmurs had broke out amongst those watching, unsure if my unexpected participation was part of the show? I suddenly became aware of them watching me and slinked back to my seat.

"Wait!" Jacob barked. "Since you've made yourself a part of this, come up and join us?"

Murmurs of approval broke out around the room.

"Me?!" I asked, surprised. "Err… no.  I'm not…"

"That wasn't a request," Jacob said.

"I… I can't wrestle," I stuttered.

"I don’t think there will be any more wrestling tonight," Jacob answered, kissing Miguel's neck playfully.

I looked from Jacob to Miguel who's eyes had gone cold, jaw set firm. He was holding himself tall, face rigid as he held back the emotion. But as he stared at me and I knew it was fragile ledge he was on. I was trapped by my desire to help. If I backed away now, everything I'd said about facing his fear would be meaningless. I swallowed hard and crawled up onto the mat.

"Fluff him," Jacob ordered. "Make him hard."

I looked up into Miguel's deep, brown eyes and whispered, "I'm sorry."

He closed his eyes briefly, then whispered, "It's okay. Do what you have to."

I reached between his legs, our eyes never leaving each others and my fingers wrapped around his cock and balls. I felt his body tense but I kept our eyes locked, as if it would somehow let him escape through the window to my soul and find some other place to see him through this ordeal.

My hand massaged his dick softly while my fingertips toyed with the fine hairs surrounding his balls.  His breath caught and I felt the start of a reaction. I reached to his chest with my other hand, placing my palm over his heart again. Another throb below and I gave an encouraging smile. His lips parted slightly and my upper hand rose the crest of a deep breath.

Jacob could sense the change. From the corner of my eye, I saw him smile and became aware of the silence in the room. Only Miguel's laboured breath could be heard now.

Miguel's dick rose fully with a jerk or two and I wrapped my palm around it, unable to hide my surprise at the size. It was obvious he had never taken steroids! I began stroking the long thick shaft slowly and gently, and moved my other hand from his heart, gliding it over his broad, oiled chest. Miguel's breath shook as it began coming in shorter catches. And still our eyes kept contact, showing me both the child and man within him. I could feel his fears and his power drawing into me with each rise of his chest, and I hoped I was returning some of that power to him.


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