06 November 2011

Chapter 10

I was so frightened, my knees wobbled, making it difficult to walk. Jacob led me away from the squalor of the previous rooms into the living quarters at the back of the building. I couldn't help but notice there were no windows, even in this refurbished wing. We passed only a few people on the way, all of who looked on curiously, but let us pass without word. It was clear that they feared their boss and did nothing to detain or upset him.

Jacob's room was large and spacious, the white walls offering a bright backdrop to the otherwise rustic style of the furniture. Overhead fluros reflected off the polished wooden drawers, the decorative wagon wheel leaning up against one wall, and other matching wood work. Large, plush mats covered the telltale concrete floor that was the only remaining reminder of the rest of the building.

Leading me well into the room, Jacob unhooked the leash then threw me violently onto the enormous bed. It was little more than a futon but long and wide enough to satisfy the orgy room of any gay sauna.

"Let's see what you can do," he grinned, stripping off his vest to reveal his hard, hairy torso in all its glory. "Get undressed."

I glanced at the door, the urge to run almost overwhelming. It was too far away though, and on the other side of the monster in front of me. Even if I managed to get out, I'd be lost in the maze of corridors. As for finding Josh…

Josh's words echoed in my head. I had to stay calm. The longer you play along, the more he'll let his guard down. I had no other choice.

Jacob was reaching for his belt, keen to get naked.

"Wait!" I said, crawling off the bed. "That's my job."

Jacob cocked his head.

"Do you want to see what I can do, or do you just want to fuck me like you do to everyone else? Which is it?"

"You're playing a dangerous game," he said, suppressing a smile, but the fact that he'd stopped undoing his belt meant I'd scored a point. He was a man who was not used to being questioned.

"Danger adds spice," I lied, grabbing his belt line and pulling his hips into me. I flicked my tongue at his nipple and he jerked in surprise. I rubbed my face in his chest and closed my eyes, hiding my face from him. I had to do this. He was a hot guy. I had to forget my situation. I had to forget our age difference. I had to pretend like it was a one night stand; someone I'd picked up in a bar. My mind flashed through the few porn films I'd seen and I quickly discarded them as useless tools of the trade. I'd have to make it up as I went along.

I looked up into his face and he grabbed the back of my hair, forcing my head back.

"Why aren't you undressed?" he said.

"Because we're doing it my way!" I winced. He thought about my response then released my hair.

"Hurry up then!"

I looked around the room and spotted a chair, pulled out from the table. I led him by his belt to it and pushed him into it. I had visions of tying him to the chair with his belt, but I knew that would never work.

I circled behind him and slid my hands over his shoulders and down his chest. Jacob reached back, hooking an arm around my head and pulling me down to eye level.

"You try anything…"

I looked him in the eye. "You really have no fucking idea, do you? Let me do my thing or I'll just bend over the table now and get it over with. What do you want?" My audacity shocked even myself but convinced him to let me continue. He nodded and let go of my head.

I stripped off my shirt, knowing I had to convince him that I wasn't just stalling for time. Looping the shirt around each of my hands, I hooked it over him, letting it fall in his lap. I let my breath warm his neck as I slowly pulled the shirt tight and slid it up his torso.

I unraveled it from one hand before it reached his neck, letting the shirt fall to the side and slide off my other hand. Reaching around him, I unfastened his belt and pulled it to the floor. I raked my fingertips up his torso, ending over his nipples, flicking and pinching them. He arched in the chair a little and I felt his body relax a little. I hadn't realised how tense he was.

My hands slid up to his shoulders and I massaged them. I could feel the tension in him now that was aware of it. I found myself wishing my fingers were stronger so I could work the tension out.

I slipped around the chair and sat on Jacob's lap, facing inwards. I pressed my chest into his and dug my hands deep into his shoulders. He gasped, enjoying the release as I worked his muscles.

His breath was sweet as our lips met. I closed my eyes, thinking of Josh but Jacob's thick fur scratched at my chest, distracting my thoughts. I found myself breather harder too. I forced my tongue harder into his mouth. His arms wrapped around me, holding me against him. I could feel the thickness of his arms across my back as he suddenly lifted off the chair and brought me down on the rug at our feet.

He lay on top of me, crushing me with his weight as his kisses became more passionate. I pushed up against his chest but couldn't move him as he pulled my hand away and pinned it to the side. Jacob had taken control and seemed determined to have his way with me. My plan to stay safe had failed. All I could do was lay there and take it.

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