15 January 2012

Chapter 15

The eroticism of seeing Ronan arched out against Perseus, rubbing his chest into the young stud's torso didn't escape me. Ronan's arms were pinned behind his back and the body rub seemed to be the only move he could make. The Asian beauty was desperate for a win, having lost his last few fights, and his battle against the newcomer had seemed a sure thing; yet he was trapped from the outset, taken by surprise by the quickness of his opponent's attack.

I watched, wide-eyed, knowing the desperation of Ronan to win this fight. I hadn't expected Perseus to be a challenge for him at all, and I was as shocked as Ronan to find Perseus steal such a quick advantage.

Jacob too, seemed to be shocked by the unexpected turn of events, but the twist seemed to excite him. From the corner of my eye, I saw his hand reach down to touch himself.

Having his opponent sandwiched, Perseus swung one arm in a full arch, landing the side of his closed fist hard down on Ronan's shoulder.  Ronan was pummelled to his knees and Perseus locked his legs around Ronan's head.  He waddled backwards, dragging Ronan from the wall and then reached down, wrapping his arms around Ronan's waist.

Ronan cried out again as Perseus lifted him off the ground. His legs dropped over Perseus' shoulders and he hung there upside down in the youth's grip.

I was agape, but when I was sure I couldn't be shocked any more, Perseus buried his face in Ronan's crotch, making a show to the crowd of what he could do to the bitch.  The crowd exploded in a cacophony of cheers, groans and laughter. Perseus played up to them all.

Jacob tugged at my collar and my eyes ripped from the action as he dragging me towards him. He pulled the leash tight, forcing me to crawl between his knees. I looked up at him, hoping he wouldn't keep me long. Having seen what was happening, I was desperate to see Ronan's comeback.

"Suck me!" Jacob ordered, pushing my face into his crotch.

I resisted his demand and twisted my head away. A hand slapped across my face. I hit the floor, stunned and lay there dazed until Jacob pulled me to my knees by the hair.

"Don’t, for a minute, think you have a choice," he said, pushing my face into his crotch again.

The tears in my eyes were stinging and I rubbed my throbbing cheek. I whimpered as I tried to pull away but Jacob held me by the hair, tearing up my vision even more. I sobbed and I reached to his crotch and unzipped his jeans, thankful to feel his grip loosen the moment I behaved.

His cock was already hard. Seeing the more experienced Ronan being overpowered by the newcomer 'Perseus' had obviously made him horny. I wondered if he got horny watching all the fights, or if it was just this one. Knowing my own secret fantasies of seeing Josh suffer before winning a fight, I could understand if Jacob found this fight erotic.

I wrapped my lips around Jacob's cock, thankful that the safety wall hid me from most of the onlookers across the ring. I hoped the others higher up on the bleachers were so engrossed in the fight that they wouldn't notice. I blocked the thought of them from my mind as I swallowed the thick sweet taste of Jacob's manhood.

In the background I heard the crowd shout and gasp and cheer. I longed to see what they were reacting do, but Jacob's palm rested on my head prevented me from looking around.

I reached up, throwing the flap of his vest aside, and grabbed at his pec in a rough show of defiance. He thrust his chest outward and accepted my rough groping contrary to my hope. He forced his cock deeper inside my mouth, causing me to gag.

I turned my head, letting his dick fall from my mouth, but he soon turned my head back to his cock and squeezed his grip on my hair, forcing my mouth open to accept his throbbing tool again.

This time I pounded his chest. My closed fist and struck him just above his stomach, taking him by surprise. I pulled away from his cock and saw the anger in his eyes. I realised I was about to be hit again.

I ignored the sudden roar of the crowd and thought fast. I lifted myself up and kissed him, punching him playfully in the pecs before pressing my body against his.

"After last night, did you really think I'd just suck dick and do nothing else?" I asked feebly, my mind racing to excuse the punch. He smirked and pushed me back to my knees.

"I'm not interested in an audience," he said. "Stay down and just do it."

He pushed my face onto his dick again and began fucking my mouth. The crowd roared and gasped on the other side of the banister but I couldn't tell who they were barracking for any more.

Jacob's cock pumped in my mouth and his groin filled my vision. I eased the gag reflex by changing the angle of my face so his shaft rubbed against the inside of my cheek. I focussed my mind on Jacob's perfectly beautiful physique as I mentally compensated for his demands.

I tightened the vacuum in my mouth and let my tongue poke and stroke the veins along the shaft. My arms wrapped around Jacob's waist, pulling his midsection towards me and stopping him from thrusting forward in his seat. Holding him in place let me control his cock.

The sweetness of precum landed on my tongue. I pulled back so my lips could pinch his foreskin and my tongue could reach inside to lick out the syrupy liquid. Above the screams of the crowd, Jacob moaned and squirmed. I felt his body tense and quickly grabbed his cock with my hand, pointing it upwards and stroking it hard and fast, letting my mouth fall down to his balls.

He shot his load over my shoulder with a choked cry as he jerked violently in his seat. The crowd stomped and cheered and music erupted from the speakers as the pulse in my hand took on a life of its own. I held on tightly, stroking Jacob's dick long after the climax had ended. He grabbed my wrist and pulled it away, unwilling to touch the slime on my hand.

"Enough!" he said and to my surprise he didn't seem pleased.  He pushed me away and did up his zip before rising to his feet. He took my leash, pulled me up and stormed out of the arena. I turned for a quick glance at the fighters to find Ronan pinned naked to the ground. Perseus stood with a foot on his chest. He had won, and stripped his prey of his last vestige of clothes and humility.

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