17 July 2011

Chapter 2

First time I saw Josh without his shirt, he was bench pressing in my gym, spotted by Chaz, one of the off-duty guards. I couldn't help but notice Chaz was standing a little too close to Josh's head for my liking, lining his crotch up almost directly above Josh's face. It could only be a deliberate flirtation, even if Josh was avoiding eye contact with it.

My dad often told me off for letting the hired help use my gym, but my argument was that it kept them in shape and provided a better investment than if it was just me using the equipment. It was a fully equipped facility with everything from Nautilus machines to a boxing ring. It seemed silly to reserve it exclusively for myself.

Anyway, on this particular day, Chaz and Josh were talking about Josh's job as they pumped iron, when I walked in for my own workout. They didn't notice me standing in the doorway as Chaz questioned if Josh really did think he could defend me against a surprise attack, or fight off some psycho muscle god who had it in for me.

Josh was trying to explaining that 'defense' doesn't always mean 'offence'. Sometimes a strategic retreat is better than a full-on offensive counter-attack to a problem. Armies did that all the time. The trick to protecting someone was knowing your limitations, analyzing the situation, and choosing the right option.

The idea of retreat seemed to peak Chaz' curiosity. I'm not sure if he thought it was a coward's line or not but suddenly he was a lot more brazen in his attitude towards Josh.

The conversation was interesting, but I was more distracted by the sweat-soaked torso of Josh. I'd seen Chaz shirtless many times in my gym and he was always worthy of a second look with his smooth rippled body, but Josh was something special. It seemed cruel that someone so nice could be so perfectly beautiful as well. Every promise behind Josh's skin tight tops was met. The definition of his pecs and biceps was enhanced by his trimmed chest hair and furry flat stomach.

As he lifted impossible weights, his glistening chest puffed out and his shoulders expanded as he raised the weighted bar well beyond the limits that he seemed capable of. It was at that moment that I cemented my lust for him. From the moment I'd met him, I'd thought Josh was cute and nice, but there's something about finding protection in someone's arms that makes us feel comfortable and safe, and in seeing the true strength of Josh, I just melted at the thought of being protected by him. The mere sight of seeing him benchpress made me feel protected.

Josh and Chaz started taunting each other jovially about being the tougher man as they swapped positions and Chaz lifted equal weights while Josh spotted him. Somehow the conversation devolved into a dare and before either of them realised I was there, they had challenged each other to a playful fight.

Chaz soon pointed out that their employer (my dad) wouldn't put up with his staff looking like bruisers for no reason, so they both agreed to limit their challenge to a wrestle to avoid any black eyes or similar telltale marks. Besides, they surmised, it was only for fun. Neither of them wanted to actually hurt the other.

To my surprise, the thought of it made me horny! As much as I lusted after Josh, the thought of his biceps bulging as he strained against a man as sexy as Chaz sent me over the edge. I felt the urge to start wanking over the fantasy: Josh splayed out, struggling! Mm-mm!

He was supposed to be my protector and the thought of him winning made me ecstatic, but the thought of him suffering for that win somehow made it erotic. I couldn't explain the inconsistency in my head if I tried!

I inadvertently cleared my throat and made my presence known. Josh immediately seemed embarrassed to be sprung in the midsts of such a ridiculously mucho conversation.

"Don't let me interrupt," I said embarrassed.

"Err…we were just mucking about," Chaz said weakly.

"Hey… your time is your time. Feel free to beat the shit out of each other!"

Josh and Chaz looked at one another then Josh said, "Do you want to referee, Harry?"

The offer surprised me, but how could I resist? It was the perfect opportunity to see Josh grapple. They were both hot and sweaty already, so my fantasy was already half fulfilled!

They climbed into the ring together and I opted to stay on the outside edge, partly for my own safety since I didn't know what to expect, and party because I wanted to give them the full freedom of the ring.

Chaz looked upon Josh with a lascivious grin and Josh smirked back. I couldn't tell if he was oblivious to the blatant overtones of Chaz or if he was just ignoring them. Chaz was a great guy. I'd liked him since he first started working for my father a few years ago. He was sexy, confident, fun loving and smart. He was a great conversationalist, an engaging storyteller, and one of the most popular guys amongst the fraternity of guards. Until now though, he'd never even hinted that he was gay, or at least had tendencies in that direction.

I found myself jealous, not only because of Chaz's obvious interest in Josh, but because he had never shown that kind of interest in me! When Chaz had first started, I'd developed more than a little crush on him. It had taken ages to get over the infatuation, especially when he started using my gym and flexing those beautiful, rippling muscles of his! What can I say? I like to perve!!

Right now though, the former and current lusts of my life began circling each other in the ring. I hung over the ropes, trying not to look too enthusiastic.

Josh glanced at me and grinned.

"Ring the bell whenever you're ready," he said.

"Oh! Umm…ding ding!" I shrugged.

Chaz immediately stepped forward, grabbing Josh's hands and locking them in a power vice to see who was strongest. Their chests rammed into each other and their biceps bulged as they strained against the might of each other. I was already holding my breath and couldn't wait to see who gave first…

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