20 November 2011

Chapter 11

Jacob's passion was erupting. He was like a teenager having sex for the first time - so overwhelmed by the feelings that he couldn’t control himself. I'd barely done anything to him before he'd stolen my chance to stay in control.

As he pressed into me on the rug, holding me to the ground, I turned my head away from his kisses. He tried to follow but I cried out in despair.

"You coward!"

Jacob sat up and whacked me across the face. I saw stars and lay there stunned as he grabbed my face and leaned into me.

"You wanna say that again?" he growled.

"You're a fucking coward!" I groaned. "You could rip me in half any time you want but you're too scared to let me turn you on!"

I thanked Josh in my head as Jacob climbed off of me and pulled me to my feet.

"I'm no coward," he said

"Aren't you?" I retorted. "You couldn't take it."

He raised his arm to hit me again, then laughed instead.

"I like your cheek," he said, "but know this: you only get one chance. Fuck it up and you're done."

"You're as romantic as a rhinoceros," I said and grabbed his hands, pinning them behind his back. I wrapped my lips about his nipples, knowing they were sensitive.  Jacob gasped as I sucked on them hard, flicking my tongue out to taunt them.

I slid down to a crouch and kissed his furry stomach, then ran my tongue up the length of his chest. I heard Jacob sigh and led him to the bed, pushing him down on the mattress. I sat on his groin, grinding my arse as my hands massaged his chest.

Jacob raised his arms above his head, surrendering his powerful torso to my touch. I kissed his stomach again and let my lips explore the taste and touch of his skin. As I reached his neck, I lay on top of him and clasped his wrists, holding him to the bed. I ground my hips against his and our lips locked in another passionate kiss.

I slid my hands down his forearms and he flexed as my fingers brushed over his biceps. Seeing biceps flexed was something special, but feeling them expand was something new altogether for me. I grasped the bulging muscles and slid myself up to wrap my lips around them. They were solid rock and when I kissed them, I felt a tingle in my lips. I was suddenly aware of an erection trying to escape from my jeans!

My chest pressed into Jacob's face as my lips savored his biceps and he opened his mouth to kiss my pecs. I gave an unintentional soft moan, not expecting his active participation. Jacob was a man demanding to both control and be worshipped. I squirmed as his mouth worked over my chest until I could take it no longer. I slid back down his body and unbuckled his jeans. His cock bounced free the moment I peeled back the layers of clothing. It was thick and veiny, its density more than making up for its average length.

As his clothes slid to the floor, my hand wrapped around his cock while my tongue tasted his inner thigh. He spread his legs wide, welcoming the intrusion as I edged my way upward. Soon I was sucking on his balls. His loud gasp and rising hips made me harder and hungrier.  One hand reached up for my fingers to frolic through his chest hair while the other, tips moistened with saliva, slid down to circle his anus.

The spasm that hit Jacob made me pull away momentarily. His arms were splayed out and he was grasping the sheets of the bed, mouth hanging open, eyes closed tight, and I realised he'd never been touched down there.

I licked my fingers again and circled the rim of the opening with them, letting my face fall into his crotch again. My cheek rubbed his stiff shaft, purposefully refusing it entry into my mouth. It pulsed and danced madly while my tongue flickered again to his ball sack.

I pinched his nipple teasingly at the same time that I inserted my finger into his hole.  He cried out and thrashed side to side. I felt the muscles in his anus tighten around my finger. I held it in place and wiggled inside him gentle. My mouth moved to his cock, playfully wrapping sideways around his shaft, leaving the tip still untouched. Holding it fast with my lips, I ran my tongue up its length.

Jacob exploded in an eruption of white lava, shooting into the air. His cock spasmed in my mouth, pumping its load as he released a cry as elongated as the thick streams of fluid ejaculating from him.  His whole body convulsed violently with each cannon shot of semen until it splashed down on his chest in a pungent shower that speckled my face.

His cry sunk into a gasping choking noise as he fell back into the mattress, spent.  He lay panting momentarily until his breath gave way to a disbelieving laugh.  I slowly released myself from him and slid up the side, running my soiled finger through the pool of semen on his chest.

"Fuck!" he laughed, looking at me.

I smiled and looked down at his heaving chest. It really was impressive. I shocked myself with a fleeting thought that I would have preferred him to have lasted longer in the sack.

His hand clasp the back of my head and pulled me towards him. He kissed me hard and passionately until I was the one forced to come up for air.

"That was something else," he said.

"I'd barely started," I teased.

"Oh-ho!" he laughed. "You're gonna have plenty of chances, believe me!"

I did. And surprisingly, I didn't mind.

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