08 April 2012

Chapter 21

I was gob-smacked and still horny has hell as we dressed and returned to Jacob's room. I wondered if Colby and Saxon would return to their bunker and scrub themselves silly having been through such an experience. I would have sworn they'd enjoyed themselves.

Jacob took great pleasure assuring me they were given strict instructions and no choice.

"Those people in there pay a lot of money for a private fight like that and the chance to get up close and personal with the fighters. Too much money for any one of them to dare fuck it up."

My mind churned over, trying to process what I was hearing.

"But if they're straight, they wouldn't have gotten hard, especially not that quickly."

"You've heard of Viagra, haven't you? Besides, it doesn't take much to make a man hard. Our dicks have a mind of their own. Throw in a pill and you can guarantee they'll be cumming."

I thought some more about it.

"What about Josh?"

"He'll get his turn," Jacob smiled. "I'll make sure you're invited." The note of sarcasm in his voice didn't escape me. I got the impression he didn't like Josh, so quickly changed the subject.

"Well," I said crossing over to him and peeling off his vest. "That was pretty amazing." I pushed him back onto the futon and came down on top of him, pinning his arms by his head. "How do you think you'd fare if I took you on?"

"I think I'd survive," he laughed, pushing his arms up easily.

I raised myself off him and pressed down on his arms with my full body weight.

"Not if I threw in a pill when you weren't looking," I smiled.

Jacob raised an eyebrow and grinned.

"It would have to be a horse pill to knock me out," he said, still holding his arms up, despite my best efforts to pin him down again.

"Oh it was," I said. "I had to grind it down just to fit it in your cup. It should kick in any minute."

"Is that so?" For a moment I thought he was going to play along, but he rolled me over, crushing me under his furry body as he pinned my arms down. "You wanna know what I do to people who try to fuck with me?" he growled.

He forced his lips onto mine, kissing me hard and rough. His legs forced mine apart and little grunting noises escaped his throat as the animal inside surfaced. I tried turning my head away but he buried his mouth in my neck sucking hard, leaving his mark. I cried out, struggling and suddenly his arms gave way. He pushed my hands back to the mattress but when I pushed against him again, I started lifting my hands.

"What the…?!" he said as he forced my hands down again. I realised he was playing after all and my panic subsided.

"You thought I was joking, didn't you?" I said, seizing the moment. I gritted my teeth, pushing against him again. My arms raised steadily this time and I pushed him over, rolling on top of him and pinning him to the bed. He gave a roar and flexed his biceps as he fought to raise his arms.

"Forget it bitch. You've had your day. You belong to me now!" I knew I sounded like a cheesy cheap porn flick but it wasn't easy to ad lib off the cuff like that.

Jacob thrust out his chest and contorted his face as he forced me off him but he didn't quite get back on top. I braced myself from rolling over and we struggled on our sides. He pressed into me, using our significant weight difference to his advantage. He twisted on top of me but I used his momentum to roll him back off.  He tried to pull away, getting as far as a sitting position before I leapt onto his back and pulled him down on top of me.

Pulling his arms up into a full nelson, I locked them there with one hand and reached around with my other to fondle his unprotected nipples.

Jacob gasped as I pinched them playfully and slapped at them with my fingertips.  I ran my hand through his chest hair before reaching town awkwardly to slap at his erection through his tight pants. He pulled himself off of me but I knocked him back to the bed and pinned his hands down once more.  I ground my chest over his, enjoying the feel of his fur scratching against my smooth skin.  I kissed him as hard and passionately as he'd done to me earlier and he lay there and took it.

Still holding him down, I breathed in his manly scent and used my mouth to moisten his neck and chest, leaving no part untouched. I enjoyed the sound of his moans and the feel of his rigid cock below.  I pressed my groin against his and began gyrating in a smooth, regular motion. His hips raised to join in the movement as our lips locked again, visions of Colby and Saxon replaying through our minds.

As our breathing became more laboured, Jacob thrust his hips harder against me. I matched his intensity and tightened my grip on his hands. His arms tensed and his biceps flexed in a final display for our fantasy as we both croaked and shook in unison, cumming in our pants as the sensitivity of our cock's fed off the cloth rubbing tightly against them.

My head fell on his chest as we lay there panting and I blessed the grove between his pecs with a kiss before raising my head. Jacob wrapped his arms around me and we kissed slowly this time, tenderly. His hand rubbed my back as he held me, and it took me by surprise when I realised how good it felt.

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