25 March 2012

Chapter 20

Colby was easily the bigger man but as he raised their clasped hands to head height, their knees slid out from under them and both men fell face down onto the oiled surface.

Saxon jumped forward and grabbed Colby in a headlock as the latter rolled onto his back.  He reached up behind his head but was unable to get a grip on anything as Saxon held tight. His feet slid on the plastic, not letting him force his way up either.

Colby rolled over and Saxon slid onto his back.  Before he could reapply the headlock though, Colby rolled over beneath him. Saxon pinned Colby's arms to the mat and they kissed, gyrating their bodied against each other.

Colby let himself be held down while they kissed but the moment their lips separated, he powered his arms up and Saxon slid down his body.  Colby locked his legs around Saxon's back, pinning the pretty boy's face in his crotch.

He rolled over and sat up, taking Saxon's head and lifting it to his groin. Saxon opened his mouth and accepted Colby's cock, swallowing it whole while Colby thrust his hips forward.

Saxon emptied his mouth and turned away for air. He reached up, pushing against Colby's butt, sliding him over his head. Colby glided around to face Saxon just as he rose to his knees. They smiled at each other as though exchanging silent words then moved into a grapple.

Colby pushed Saxon over and came down on him at a 90 degree angle. He forced Saxon's arms above his head and pinned them with one strong hand. Colby's other hand reached down to grab Saxon's cock as his mouth wrapped around a nipple.

Saxon gasped, arching up but unable to pull away.  Colby's lips explored his whole, exposed chest now, while his cock was stroked closer to climax.

Colby extended his lower hand further, cupping Saxon's balls then sliding down to fondle Saxon's hole. Saxon rolled into Colby only to have the stronger man roll onto his back and hold him down while his cock glided over his arse.

Saxon raised his hips and Colby knelt between his legs, lifting them in the air to roll Saxon over. He rested Saxon's legs on his shoulder and poked at his anus with his solid cock. 

Saxon reached out and took Colby's hands, pulling him on top. He wrapped his arms around Colby and they kissed. Saxon rolled Colby over and sat up on the man's stomach. He pinched Colby's nipples playfully and rubbed his palms over the well oiled torso.

Saxon lifted his knees and pinned Colby's arms to his side. He bent down and kissed Colby, then reached behind him to stroke Colby's cock. Colby squirmed, his legs opening wide to allow Saxon's fingers to do their magic. Saxon's own cock danced on Colby's chest so he took it in his free hand and started masturbating himself too. Colby raised his head but couldn't reach Saxon's dick, not even with his tongue extended. Saxon smiled, and slid himself up, putting his manhood in reach of Colby's mouth.

Beside me, Jacob's hand moved to the bulge in my pants and began rubbing my erection. He was already stroking himself, a were most of the guys in the room. I was so turned on that I opened my own legs instinctively to let Jacob reach into my pants.

Colby sucked Saxon's cock hungrily, enjoying being beneath him until Saxon slid off him and spun around. As Colby rose to all fours, Saxon dove at him, sliding over his back and flipping Colby over. Colby fell onto Saxon as the latter pulled him into a full nelson and forced his legs open wide.

Colby gasped, his glistening body splayed out for all to admire. To my surprise, one of the men rose from his seat and stepped over to the mat. He began stroking Colby's dick. A second man joined him, running his fingers appreciatively over Colby's muscular chest. A third man sucked on Colby's toes while a fourth leaned over to kiss him on the lips.

I was shocked, not only that they would do that, but that Colby lay there spread eagled in Saxon's hold, responding and letting them do it to him.

Jacob chuckled at the look on my face.

"Wanna taste him?" he asked.  I shook my head and Jacob smiled. "Right answer," he said. "You belong to me." He didn't have to tell me to remember that! It was always implied in his tone.

The four men made way for four others who in turn were replaced with four more gropers who fondled Colby's body. When the last of them had returned to their seat, Colby jerked hard, ripping himself free of Saxon's hold.  He rolled away and rose to his knees, stroking his own cock as Saxon faced him.

Another quick grapple and suddenly Saxon lost his grip on Colby and slid down, landing across Colby's knee.  Colby rolled him face up then arched Saxon's lower back across his bent knee.  Saxon reached out behind his head while Colby massaged his moist hands over Saxon's chest.

As though on cue, another small group of onlooker got up and crossed to the mat, laying their hands over Saxon's outstretched body. They touched, licked, kissed and stroked him, all the while enjoying the soft moans emitted by Saxon.

The eroticism of those hands wandering over one of the helpless fighters left me breathless as Jacob finally wanked me to climax.  I let out a strangled cry as I came over his hand, grasping the chair for fear of falling off.  I was so turned on by the sight in front of me that it didn't take much to finish me off. The other men in the room soon followed suit as Saxon rolled off Colby's knee and sprawled on his back for Colby to press down on top of him.  They embraced and kissed, deeply and passionately, their intertwined legs grinding their hips together.  Saxon tensed and came first, digging deep into Colby's back as he threw his head back and spasmed. He'd barely locked lips again with Colby when it was his turn to come.

Saxon rolled him over and slid down his legs, letting the spray of semen fire into his chest. Colby grabbed his own cock and guided the thick eruption of fluid until he lay spent and drained.  Saxon ran a finger through the semen, circling his nipple with it. He smiled down at Colby who sat up and wrapped his strong arms around Saxon's waist, pulling him in so he could suck his own cum from Saxon's chest.

My eyes widened with surprise. I didn't know many men who would do something like that. Jacob seemed pleased at my response.

"You like that?" he said.

"Wow…!" There wasn't much else I could say. The whole grapple had left me breathless and I was still panting slightly. These men should be in porn.

"You want to know what makes it work?" Jacob whispered. 

I grinned. Two hot guys in a slow oil wrestle? All that audience interaction? The way they taunted each other sexually when it was just the two of them? It wasn't hard to see why it worked! But Jacob always had a twist.

"It works," he said, "because both of them are straight."

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