02 December 2012

Chapter 38

It was my worst nightmare. Josh was injured and Tucker was attacking his weaknesses, kneeling on Josh's sprained ankle, and pounding into Josh's recovering shoulder while he choked Josh from behind.

Jacob held me firm, refusing to let me interfere in the fight, despite having leapt into the arena. Never in the history of the fight ring had anyone leapt into the pit to support a fighter. My presence, combined with Jacob leaping into the pit to stop me, sent the paying punters into a frenzy. This was no longer a battle of honour between the two top fighters. It was a person vendetta that extended to the very core of the House of Jacob.

I screamed Josh's name but couldn't budge from Jacob's bear hug that pinned my arms to my side from behind.

"Stop!" he snarled, squeezing me tight, his coarse chest scratching my back as he held me.

Josh started dry reaching from the pain Tucker was inflicting. His violent spasms bowed him over despite any hold. Tucker released his choke and pounded his forearm into Josh's back.

Josh splayed out on the ground.  Tucker locked a hand across the back of Josh's neck and pounded fist after fist between Josh's shoulder blades. It was a done deal, as Josh lay there unable to do anything but take the abuse.

Tucker twisted Josh's hands behind his back and straddled him triumphantly. From my vantage point on the ground, I could see the tears welling in Josh's eyes from both the damage and the defeat.

"No!" I choked and my speech morphed into sobs. Jacob held me firmly in his arms and I could feel his excitement as he awaited the submission.

Josh lay beneath Tucker, beaten and trapped, the assault on his injuries leaving no strength left to fight back. I could see the colour drain from Josh's face. I saw the tension in his shoulder's dissipate as he gave up struggling. I saw the rigidity in his legs disappear as they sagged to the ground and stopped kicking.

Tears streamed down my face. I never thought Josh could be defeated. He was my champion. My hero. He was always going to make me safe and return me to my old life. Even against the cruelty of Tucker, I always thought deep down that he would win.

Josh lay there unmoving. Tucker slid up his back, using his thighs to hold Josh's arms in place, then flexed. The appreciative audience roared. Their undefeated champion had won yet again, and his biggest contender was reduced to nothing more than a rug beneath him.

I sagged in Jacob's bear hug, my gut wrenching sobs enough to make Jacob at least allow me the freedom to double over in misery.

Tucker knew how to please his fans. His smooth massive biceps bulged in all their glory, eliciting cheers and accolades. It was the hardest fight he'd fought and while the bloodlust of the crowd lapped up the battle, it was their own hero that they wanted to win. Their money had counted on it.

Having satisfied his fans, Tucker pounded Josh between the shoulder blades again. The torture of his victims was as much a part of the show as his subjugation of them.

At least seven fists later, Tucker slid his body down Josh's back, releasing his trapped arms. He spread Josh's arms out 90 degrees from his body and lay on top of him, humping him mockingly.
Josh lay there taking it, submitting to the abuse like a rag doll. At length, Tucker rolled Josh over, pinning his wrists together above his head while he abused Josh's pecs with a series of punches.

I could see the drool dripping from Josh's mouth as his half-closed eyes struggled to focus. Any other time I'd seen Josh pinned, his legs worked to free himself, but this time they lay as still as his arms. His injuries had left him vulnerable and Tucker had known how to work them. Tucker was the champion for a reason. He had the strength, the experience, and the callousness to play on his opponents' weaknesses.

At length, he paused in his abuse, letting Josh lie underneath him. He let go of Josh's wrists but they stayed in place. It seemed that even the ability to lift his arms was beyond him.

Satisfied at his victory, Tucker twisted Josh's nipples. Josh arched up, his eyes popping open but his arms stayed helplessly flopping above his head while he gasped and squirmed, too weak to even try to stop Tucker's torment.

Tucker grinned and relinquished the hold. He pounded Josh in the pecs a few more times to cement his dominance then stood up. He lifted Josh into his arms and squeezed him in a bearhug. Josh hung in the grip, arms flopping beside him as Tucker muscled the life out of Josh.

As Josh's knees buckled and he sunk to the ground, Tucker let him fall, then stomped on Josh's gut, doubling Josh over. Tucker hauled him to his knees by the hair and reached around him to lay multiple punches in Josh's gut.

When Josh collapsed face-first to the ground, his hips raised as he dry reached. Tucker twisted an arm behind Josh's back and pulled him to his knees. He reached around with his spare hand and squeezed Josh's nipple.

"It's not good enough to pass out," I heard Tucker say. "I want to hear you submit. Are you ready to give?"

"No!" Josh cried, his face wracked with pain. Tucker punched Josh in the stomach then locked onto the nipple pinch again.

"You don't get it, do you?" Tucker said. "You can hold out as long as you want but ultimately, you're mine.  The longer you hold out, the more you suffer!"

He dropped Josh onto his side and pressed a fist into his cheek.

"I could smash your face right now," Tucker said. "What's more important? Pride or submission?"

"Fuck you!" Josh spluttered and I winced as Tucker's fist raised to shoulder height and came down on Josh's face…


  1. 'as Tucker's fist raised to shoulder height and came down on Jacob's face…'

    or Josh's?

    1. Thanks for the correction. I appreciate you your input. I've corrected the story now. The moral is, never name two characters starting with the same letter of the alphabet!

      Hope you're enjoying the series.