20 May 2012

Chapter 24

My wait to come face to face with Silvano was shorter than even I expected. I should have known he wouldn't be one to wait.

As he entered Jacob's locked chamber, he made a show of jangling his keys before pocketing them in his denim jeans. I was sitting at the desk on my laptop at the time and looked up expecting Jacob. On seeing my unexpected visitor though, I jumped from my seat, knocking it over.

"Silvano!" I said, unable to mask my surprise. 

Even now, knowing he was involved here, and having witnessed his dark personality, I couldn't suppress a fleeting thought of how hot he looked with those top three shirt buttons undone. There was a teasing view of the soft fur that coated his chest.

The display he made of pocketing his keys before speaking didn't go unnoticed. For him to have keys to Jacob's room, he would have to be one of Jacob's inner circle.

"It's a pity you saw me," he said, stepping into the room but not making any approach towards me. I kept the desk between us just in case though and snapped the laptop shut.  "You know you won't be leaving here," he finished.

"What do you mean?"  

Silvano laughed.  "You're rich, not stupid," he said. "You know who I am. Do you seriously think we can let you go? Before, it was just a matter of time until Jacob got bored with you, but now that you've seen me, it looks like I'll have to up the schedule. I don't like loose ends."

"I...I wouldn't say anything!" I stuttered, grasping his meaning.

"I'm rich, not stupid either," Silvano laughed humourlessly. He sauntered towards the desk. "Tell me, what does he see in you?"

"Josh?" My mind was racing harder with every step closer he took.

"Josh! Ha! He's just a piece of meat here. I'm talking about Jacob. Anyone else would have been taken out the day they arrived. What have you got on him?"

"Me? N-nothing. I don't have anything. He likes me, that's all."

"Oh, no," Silvano said, now leaning across the table on both hands. "Jacob doesn't 'like' anyone. They're either useful or their not. And he wouldn't become this obsessed about anyone unless they've got something over him. Whatever it is, I've been watching you: you've got him wrapped around your little finger. So what is it?"

It was my turn to snort an unintentional laugh. If Silvano thought I had something on Josh, let alone any power over him, he must be mad! I didn't know what to say, so I just shook my head and backed further away.

Silvano leapt onto the desk and crouched there watching me.

"I can make you talk," he suggested.  When I didn't respond, he added, "You saw what I did to Josh when we fought. Imagine what I could do to you!"

"Jacob won't like it," I retorted. "You shouldn't be in here."

"Then he shouldn't have given me the key!" He sprung off the desk and landed in front of me. My back hit the wall as I ran out of room to retreat. Silvano's hand grabbed my throat.  "One more time," he said. "Then things get nasty."

Without waiting for a reply, Silvano spun me around and lifted me off my feet, dropping me on the desk. I grunted as my back and head hit the hard wooden surface. While I grasped at his wrists, Silvano tightened the squeeze and leant over me, his hot garlic breath burning my nostrils.

"Tell me."

"I don't know!" I choked. "It's the sex! He likes the sex!"

"The sex!" Silvano echoed in disgust. "You had your chance!" He squeezed my throat tighter and I lashed out, landing a lucky blow to his face. He stumbled a step and released me but before I could get up he growled "Son of a bitch!" and pressed his hand over my nose and mouth, leaning over me to add his full weight behind the suffocation.

I squealed under his palm but his other hand was holding my chin, stopping my head from turning away. I yanked and slapped at his hands but couldn't pull them off. I tried hitting his face but his arms were longer, keeping his head out of reach. I beat at his arms and chest and when pushing him away did no good, I pulled him towards me, his shirt tearing in the process. He slapped me across the face, then resumed suffocating me just as I finished sucking in a lungful of fresh air.

My chest was on fire and my eyes felt ready to pop out of their sockets. My feet kicked and thrashed, but Silvano wasn't even breaking a sweat holding me there. Then just as I felt ready to pass out, he released me.  I rolled to my side, wheezing and gasping, only to have Silvano roll me onto my back again.

"Last chance," he said. "What do you have over him?"

"Nothing," I sobbed. "I'm his toy boy, that's all! I've got nothing!"

Silvano shook his head, disappointment written all over his face.

"I thought we could do business. I guess I was wrong. I guess you really are rich and stupid after all."

His hand wrapped over my mouth and nose again. My eyes welled with tears, but as the pressure returned to my lungs, I didn't struggle or sob. A strange calm settled over me. Suddenly I wasn't afraid. I returned Silvano's stare, and saw his brow crease slightly. His lips tightened and he pressed down harder, but still I didn't react. Death wasn't so frightening after all. And with all of my might, I was going to greet it with dignity.

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